Shoo Miss Blues

I’ve blabbered on a lot, here on the blog, about my favourite months (those being October, December, and all the summer months) but I’ve never talked about my least favourite ones. Well the time has come.

The middle-to-end of January has got to be it. I think the first few weeks are great – getting back into routine and a fresh start! But as the days roll by, the initial excitement of a new year begins to fade and the winter chill really starts to settle in.

Weather affects my mood and if you’re like me, then you understand how miserable these weeks can be, accommodating your unwanted guest. Hello January Blues! Have you come to stay long? (I sure hope not!)

But if I’m the head of my own house, I’m going to nicely usher out disagreeable visitors. So how do I shoo Miss Blues?

I create my own sunshine.

Instead of wearing black to mourn the good ol’ sunny days, try sporting bright colours. A top with rainbow stripes! An electric lip! Frilly sleeves! Fun pants! Crazy socks!

That is why this outfit is one of my wintertime favourites. The fun stripes and fluted sleeves of this Tommy Hilfiger top, the vivid teal colour of my coat, and the bright cherry lips to match!

How will you create your own sunshine this winter?


  1. January 23, 2018 / 2:43 AM

    Love! Already feel in a better mood! 🙂

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