Happy Little Pringle

I’ve never spent my Valentine’s day with a boy and this year will be no exception. While a lot of Single Pringles like to gloat and call it Single’s Awareness Day, I actually quite enjoy the little holiday. After all, it’s a celebration of love and who says it only applies to the type shared by lovers?

Last year I wrote this little poem:

I’ve learned a lot about Victoria. Her quirks, her likes, and what makes her tick. I’ve been pretty proud of her at times too. I’ve congratulated her and have given her some pats on the back. But I’ve also picked out her faults…many faults…and shook my head at her shortcomings. I’ve sometimes wondered why she thinks that ways, speaks that way, acts that way, looks that way. Why was she made that way? But whenever I look into her eyes through the mirror, I see her Creator. He made her that way because He wants her that way. He wants her. He loves her. And that makes me love her.

Valentine’s is always a nice reminder to love myself for who I am and I hope it serves as a reminder for you too, whether or not you dwell in the tall cylinder canister.

On February 14th I’m gonna celebrate hard with me, myself, and I (and maybe some girlfriends too!). I’m gonna wear all the pink and red, eat all the chocolate, and smell all the roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!




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  1. February 15, 2018 / 1:57 AM

    Lovely post! You’re just stunning in these photos!

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