Naturally Sweetened Iced Tea

Say good-bye to that powdered so-called iced “tea” and mix up some of your own! This homemade iced tea is brewed from real tea and naturally sweetened with agave nectar….

Never again will you have to buy a tin of that powdered iced tea mix from the supermarket now that you have this delicious naturally sweetened iced tea recipe! It’s so quick and easy to make and addicting too!

All you need is…

Your favourite tea (I used black tea but you can use any type)

Agave nectar (or any other natural sweetener)


Filtered water

In a 32 oz mason jar, steep the tea bag in a couple inches of boiled water for 7-8 minutes. Drizzle some agave nectar into the concoction to your liking. (Remember agave is naturally sweeter than sugar so a little goes a long way!) Now comes the ice! *Cue Ice Ice Baby* Pour in enough ice and cold water to fill the jar to the top. Chill before serving.

+What is your favourite summer-time drink?




  1. July 21, 2017 / 11:14 AM

    Looks delicious! Tea is perfect for the summer-time! I also like lemonade.


    • July 25, 2017 / 12:05 AM

      Mmm…LOVE lemonade! Both are great summertime drinks!

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