Galaxy Gift Guide: Mom’s Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner! Stumped on what to get her? Here’s a quick gift guide that will hopefully give you some great ideas….

Bath bomb. A bath bomb is a great way to give your mom more than just a gift…an excuse to take some time for herself! There are so many lovely-smelling bath bombs out there but this Lush one makes it extra personal.

Tea gift set. If your mother is a tea drinker, then find some new teas for her to try out! An already-made set (like this one from Teavana) makes the search and packaging a whole lot easier!  

Greeting card. Sometimes a pretty greeting card is all you need. It shows her that you put in the time and resources to pick out one you think she’d like and write a special message just for her. In my opinion, Rifle Paper Co. makes the best greeting cards.

Photo book. Moms often reminisce of the times we were young so why not compile your favourite childhood photos into a photo album for her to look through when she’s feeling nostalgic? Chatbooks are a fun, easy, and affordable way to do this. 

Take action. Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone, but often a hug or an act of service goes a long way. Do something nice for your mom like clean the house, take her out for lunch, or give her a hug. It may mean a whole lot more to her than anything else you could have given her. 


+What are you doing for your mom on Mother’s Day?


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