19 Road Trips Around the Sun

This is a little late but…I turned 19 years old on the 19th! How perfect is that?! Not to be cliche or anything, but all I really wanted to do was take a picture with the golden number balloons! 😄 But who knew it would be so challenging?!

First we had to find a nice location that wasn’t busy. I ended up parking my car – crooked – at the bottom of a parking lot (else there be cars in the background!) Then while I stood there holding my balloons, the wind kept blowing them around so they were completely sideways, one was in front of the other, or they read “91”! We finally mastered the system where my friend Sarah would position the balloons, then run out of the frame while my sister Sabrina snapped a billion photos!

This just goes to show you that no life is perfect! There’s a lot that happens BTS!


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